Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New York: Central Park

For the better part of last week, Joseph and I toured New York City. I have never been to the other part of the country and this trip excited me so much. We stayed in the City for four days and basically hit all the hot tourist spots.

We stopped by Central Park a couple of times, but the place is just so huge! So we basically just treaded the outskirts of the park. I loved the atmosphere of the park - huge growing trees, skyscrapers visible in the distance, and runners and cyclists on the pavement. We really wanted to go row-boating, as it seemed like SUCH a peaceful activity, but the line was actually pretty massive.

Lying on the park grass was on my to-do list, and doing so in front of the lake was blissful.

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  1. Wow everything looks so amazing, I love it all, I wish I could be there right now!
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